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As an African American author, I specialize in hot sizzling romances that will have you blushing by then end. I also dabble in engaging thrillers that will have you rooting for the vilians Please feel free to browse around.

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Royal Choices

November 4, 2020

Royal Choices is now available for purchase on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited!

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Small town girl meets real life prince, what could go wrong?

Nicole has been betrayed, beaten, and at times forgotten. Now all she wants is a simple life. Nathanial is the Crown Prince to the island nation of Kaspia and he’s feeling the pressure to get married, have an heir, and take over the kingdom. But all he wants is to do things his own way and find the type of love his parents have shared for thirty years. A chance meeting in an airport terminal leads to an instant spark between the two.

While love blossoms, some seek to destroy the young relationship while others want to rule Kaspia, no matter the cost. Nicole and Nathanial have to decide if their relationship is strong enough, and important enough, to continue on, even knowing they may not survive.


"She looked him in his eyes, his deep green eyes that in the right light had flecks of gold in them. Sh saw his sincerity, his hope, but most of all his love."

Royal Choices


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