Asanti East's Published Works

Saving His Little One


Welcome to the world of the Mountain Devil MC Daddies...ready for your spanking?


A hardened biker. A shy Little. It would never work...right?

Izzy had suppressed her Little for as long as she could remember. But then there was HIM. Something about him made her crave his touch, his voice, his attention, and most of all his discipline.

But there’s no way her tough biker boss was a Daddy, not a chance in hell.

Xavier had been burned and swore he would never seek another Little. But then SHE came along. Something about that sweet shy girl made his Daddy sense go crazy.

But there’s no way she would want a man like him.

After a kind hearted gesture goes horribly wrong Xavier and Izzy’s paths cross in all the right ways. But can he keep her safe from the looming danger that has been following the Mountain Devils?



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A strong-willed, professional woman. A king who always gets what he wants. He wants her, should be easy, right?

Kenya is a hard-working, young woman who has made history in her country as the youngest Chief of Staff to the President. All she knows is work but she’s searching for that one man to come in and take control. Will she be able to obey him?

Adrian is the youngest, most productive king in his country. There’s only one problem, he’s still single. He wants a woman who will submit in the bedroom, and beyond, but can stand on her own two feet. Is that too much to ask?

When Adrian meets Kenya he knows he’s found his soulmate, but can he tame her and protect her?



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Small town girl meets real life prince, what could go wrong?

Nicole has been betrayed, beaten, and at times forgotten. Now all she wants is a simple life. Nathanial is the Crown Prince to the island nation of Kaspia and he’s feeling the pressure to get married, have an heir, and take over the kingdom. But all he wants is to do things his own way and find the type of love his parents have shared for thirty years. A chance meeting in an airport terminal leads to an instant spark between the two.


While love blossoms, some seek to destroy the young relationship while others want to rule Kaspia, no matter the cost. Nicole and Nathanial have to decide if their relationship is strong enough, and important enough, to continue on, even knowing they may not survive.