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Hey lovely people! I hope that the past week has been good to you all! I can honestly say it's been a slow week for me. More reflection than anything. Which is always needed! But during my time of reflection, I started to think about the one thing every writer needs to start a great story....inspiration.

Now inspiration can come from anywhere, it doesn't always have to be this huge life-changing event that sparks inspiration. It can be something small like a piece of clothing, or a song, or even a smell. As crazy as it sounds some people have gotten inspiration for an entire book series from nothing more than a familiar scent.

One of the hardest questions you can ask a writer is where they draw inspiration from. Mostly because it varies from project to project, from book to book. While they drew inspiration from their favorite food for one book it can vary drastically for the next. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, let's explore some, shall we?

My first completed manuscript is called Royal Choices. It's a simple tale about love at first sight but the odds are against our lovely couple. I can truly admit this inspiration came from my personal life. I knew I loved my husband the moment I saw him (I know he did too, but let him tell it, it took a while LOL), he literally is my prince charming. He swooped in and saved me from a somber life, he showed me how to have fun and enjoy this moment right here, right now.

Much like Prince Nathanial falls in love with Nicole in Royal Choices. As I was writing this book I drew from experiences I have had in my own marriage. The ups, the downs, the woes, and the accomplishments. They all inspired my writing for Royal Choices.

On the other hand inspiration for one of my current works in progress, Payback's A B*tch, came from just a simple conversation with a friend. She asked how far would I go to get revenge for something. I had to pause and think for a moment, then I told her what are the circumstances. She gave me two scenarios, the first was something small and petty, the second was something major and life-changing. So I told her for the petty situation I would most likely just let it go and get on with life BUT for the major situation, I would literally risk it all for revenge.

That simple conversation got me thinking how far would one go to avenge the deaths of their loved ones? Especially when everyone thinks you're already dead?

The path to inspiration can take many forms, it can be long and drawn out or short and simple. No two writers are alike So the next chance you get ask a writer friend where their inspiration comes from. You may be surprised by the answer.

Until next week lovelies!

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