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Bouncing Back!

Hello lovely people!

So as we all know I recently signed a publishing contract for Royal Choices. I was and still am elated!! Being an author during these modern times I decided to let the world know via Twitter. Of course, I tagged #WritingCommunity and #WritersCafe. The majority of people were happy or m and even excited to buy my book once it is released in earlyNovember.


There were a few people who thought my celebration was inappropriate! They decided to DM me and let me know that they "represented" the Writing Community on Twiter and my celebration was ill-timed and inappropriate. When I asked how exactly my post was wrong they gave me a myriad of reasons:

  1. Apparently I should have asked if any "more established" authors ere making announcements.

  2. My post outshined other authors who had been in the community longer

  3. According to them, I haven't been writing long enough to have a book about to be published How they know ho long I've been writing is sooooo beyond me!

  4. It was a slap in the face to those authors who had been querying for longer than I had.

I have to admit, after messaging these people I was down and discouraged. I felt like my whole perception of the Writing Community was wrong. So I posted about that too, that's what Twitter is or right?

I have to say I was surprised, pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of support and love from the true writing community. Not one person agreed with these people. They are all helping me celebrate and telling me to celebrate en harder! The way they rallied around and lifted me up was AMAZING!!!

So in my bounce-back mode, I decided to create my author FB page: go check it out and follow!!

And in further celebration, I am proud to say my book release date is November 5, 2020. If I have learned nothing else from this experience it's that jealous people will always try and pull you down so you can wallow in their misery with them.

Needless to say, I've gain ALOT of followers and support, and those people who felt the need to correct me, as they put it, have blocked me LOL!!

Stay tuned much more celebration and details coming soon!

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