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The Joy of the YES!

Hey lovely people!

I hope your week is going well and you've gotten lots of writing, editing, and querying done. So let me first start by sharing some good news: my manuscript, Royal Choices, has been accepted for publication! I will share more details with you all later but know that the contract has been signed and the cover art process will soon be underway.

Now how did we get here? The most simple answer is...through a myriad of no's. I've been querying this manuscript since January and have gotten more rejections than any one person should be able to handle. I've edited and revised the entire story multiple times per the suggestions fo some helpful editors and agents. But it still kept getting rejected. At one point I just gave up and somehow convinced myself that my manuscript wasn't worthy of publication. It wasn't good enough fr the masses to read.

But after talking to my husband he gave me the biggest boost of confidence I could have asked for I back up on that querying horse and went back at it again. One piece of advice I can give to ease the process of querying a bit: start working on your next project! During this process, I have started three new projects and that creative process in itself has helped take my mind off the stresses of querying.

Something else to keep in mind is to do your homework on the agents and publishers you are submitting to. Save yourself some heartache. If you have an amazing romance story don't submit it to a publisher who either specializes in another genre or hasn't published that much romance. Or don't submit it to an agent who isn't looking for a good romance story right now. I personally researched publishers who specialized in romance and looked through their recent publications to see if I would be a good fit for them. And thankfully I found one!

Lastly, don't take the rejections personally! This is all a business at the end of the day When you are querying to agents you don't want someone who is lackluster about your manuscript, you want someone who will be the biggest cheerleader and champion for you. So if an agent responds with "it's not the right fit for me" just understand that all of this is subjective an agent wants changes with the winds. Also if a publisher comes back and says they really like your manuscript but it needs some improvements then look at those like constructive criticism.

In the end agents and publishers want to see every writer succeed. So keep going at it until you find that perfect fit for you. Then you'll be telling me all about your YES!

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