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Welcome to my Journey!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Hi Lovely People!

First off I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my website and showing support! It really means a lot for a young African American writer like myself. I especially want to thank #WritingCommunity, #WritingCafe, and #WordWarrios on Twitter for welcoming me with open arms and showing nothing but love and support. Speaking of that follow me on Twitter @IAmAsantiEast.

My writing journey started as many others do, just recreational writing to pass the time and relieve some stress, writing has always been therapeutic to me. Transporting yourself to a world made and controlled solely by you and shaping these characters that you learn to love or hate by the end is invigorating to me!

I started out just writing simple poems about my feelings, situations, and surroundings. That evolved into short stories, sort of me taking a situation that may not have gone my way, and creating a different version of events. I found myself getting lost in the words an loving the feeling.

I began my first full novel-length manuscript off of a whim and a 3 AM thought (shout out to all my 3 AM and 5 AM writers!!) A simple thought of what would happen if a simple small own girl met and a prince and fell in love. That one thought turned into my first manuscript, Royal Choices. That simple thought transformed itself into a journey of enduring love, lurking enemies, and a situation that they may not make it out of. Be sure to check it out when I hit a major milestone in getting it published!

This blog will serve as a roadmap and guide to my journey, I hope to help somebody along the way. You will see all the humps, bumps, tears, and smiles. I will post something new every week so be sure to tune in.

Until next time my lovelies!

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