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Royal Choices E-Book

Royal Choices E-Book

Small town girl meets a real-life Prince. What could go wrong?


Nicole loves her routine, no matter how mundane it may be. Didn’t care for her job or boss, but sometimes it’s just the way of things. Besides, what other choice does she have? She wasn’t looking for love, but one day it found her. He’s a Prince, the heir to his country’s throne, how did this happen? Is it for real? Is she up for the challenge?


Nathanial is the heir to his country’s throne. He will need a wife, but he has yet to meet anyone who interests him. Until one day in the airport of all places. He offers the gorgeous woman, who’s stranded waiting for her flight, the opportunity to accompany him on his private jet. It’s the beginning of something wonderful, he hopes. He soon discovers, the lovely lady is in need of some care and guidance, thankfully he’s up for the job.

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